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elcome to Search Engine Promotion and Optimization Tutorial. This tutorial will provide all the information you required for Internet marketing promotion, tips and tricks for website optimization to get top ranking in all the major search engines.

Search Engines Basics:

As you know there are millions and millions of webpages out there. It is hard task to retrieve any information you want out of those pages. Therefore, there are search engine to make this job easy. Although most of them can cover only a small part of the Net, the task of finding anything among some two billion pages is still daunting.

However, the main problem is not that the search engines and the search directories find too little. But the question is how to pull your page to the top 10 position in the search engines and to get more clicks.

According to the survey 80-85% of surfers use a search engine to find what they are looking for every day. If your site does not appear on the top 10 of the search engine result, it will generate very little traffic. Therefor, to have a successful web site promotion using search engines, it is essential to have your web site listed high.

Meta Tags: There are several meta tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the description and keywords search engines utilizes different tags. Dynamic Submission v7.0 has a Built-in Meta tag generator which can help you to create or modify your keywords, description, Web title for your Web page with a single click. You can edit multiple HTML files at once. For more information about Dynamic Submission Click here.

For more information about Meta Tags click here.

Link Popularity: Link Popularity is becoming more widely used by search engines specially in Google. Therefore, it is a very important consideration when trying to increase your ranks. Dynamic Link Promoter is a powerful tool for internet marketers to promote their web site and link pages over the internet. It will help you maintain your reciprocal links, generate new links, automatically send "Personalized" link invitation messages.

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Pay Per Click: A Pay Per Click search engine enables you to list your site at the top of the search results according to the keyword bid. It all depends how much you are willing to spend on each keyword, the more popular the keyword is the more you have to pay. Pay for ranking search engines are highly effective way to attract, targeted traffic to your website. Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer is an ultimate pay per click bid management and optimization software that can help you to manage your keyword bids in ALL the major pay per click search engines.

For more information about Pay Per Click Engines click here.

Monitor Website Ranking: Track your web site ranking with Dynamic Web Ranking software. It enable you to know your web site position on all the major search engines with a click of button. It can save you hours of work and consistently and comprehensively monitoring your Web site's search engine positions.

Submission Tips: In-depth info on search engine and how they index your page. The focus is to increasing your web sites rankings on the major search engines. What to know more tips and tricks?

Engine Specifications: List of all the major search engines and there relationship with other search engines.

Page Designing Tips: There might be several reason that your web site is not been indexed by the search engine. One of the reason could be incorrect web designing. Their are lots of do and don't before designing a spider friendly page.

Search Engines: What are search engines? And there different types. How they work and rank web pages.



SEO Suite

SEO Software
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Corporate Edition

The #1 All-In-One search engine optimization (SEO) tool that drives traffic to your web site for FREE.

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PPC BidMax

PPC Bid management software
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Corporate Edition

The ultimate Online Advertising Campaign and PPC bid management software for the agency and the advertiser.

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Dynamic Submission

Dynamic submission
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Dynamic Submission is a multi-award winning, web promotion software on the market today.

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Mail Communicator

Bulk email marketing
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition

The automated email marketing solution to making your email marketing campaign easier.

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Web Ranking

Web ranking
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition

Web Ranking is the most POWERFUL web site analysis tool. A must have Search Engine Ranking and Web Site Position tool for every web promoter

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Email Validator

Email Validator
  • Freeware Version
  • Registered Version

Email Validator is a simple but very powerful tool for anyone to check email address from a mailing list and determine if the emails are valid or not.

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